Make-a-Wish: To Ride in a Rolls Royce!

A couple of months ago we were contacted by Make-a-Wish® Colorado, to see if we could help grant a Wish for a very special 11 year old Warrior named Ethan. Ethan’s wish was to ride in a Rolls Royce and go on a shopping spree. As it turns out, we know just the people who can help grant this wish, and even add a few “sprinkles” on top!

Yesterday, we showed up to Ethan’s house with an awesome black Rolls Royce Cullinan and an entourage of 9 exotic supercars to have a private car show just for him, his family and his friends! Ethan and his sister got to sit in some really cool and rare exotic cars, take pictures, and even go on a few rides. Ethan also received some die-cast versions of the exact cars that were present in his private car show.

When it was time to leave for his shopping spree, he and his family hopped into the Rolls Royce, and they were driven, flanked by supercars, to Microcenter where he started his shopping spree. It was quite a sight! I know every one of us will remember this day for a long time.

Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, you simply can’t be a ‘Warrior’ if there is no nemesis to overcome. Warrior’s Chariot came out today because Ethan is a true Warrior, and he will continue to fight. When the day is done, we all hope that his Wish Day gave him even just a little boost in the battle he faces.

Video courtesy of Chris Meeks

Warrior’s Chariot would like to thank Kelcey, and Make-a-Wish® Colorado for thinking of us to help grant this part of Ethan’s Wish! We were all very eager and excited to be a part of Ethan’s Wish Day!

Special thanks go to Brett Suder and Mike Ward Automotive, and my fellow supercar owners: Brian T., Luke D., Jeremy H., Chris M., Aaron T., Ken G., Fred K. and George – without you, all this couldn’t be done.