Donate to Warrior's Chariot

Thank you for your interest in making a tax-deductible contribution to Warrior’s Chariot, Inc. a nonprofit 501(c)(3).

Warrior’s Chariot events are so overwhelmingly popular that we could easily put on 10X as many events as we currently run. We would love to expand, touching the lives of 10X more Warriors, expanding beyond our current borders and serve as many as humanly possible. However, this endeavor is expensive and we are only limited by our capital. While there have been a generous few who have contributed enormously to get this project started, we can use your help to continue to make it even better.

What does my monetary contribution go towards?
Donated funds are 100% used to fund the events and tools needed for our events, this includes: track rentals, helmet rentals, meals, insurance, security & law enforcement services, emergency personnel, venue rentals, and supplemental materials for our events. Specific cost estimates are listed below.

You can donate to Warrior’s Chariot, Inc. by clicking the image below. This will accept all major Credit Cards or a Paypal money transfer:

If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to: Warrior’s Chariot, Inc.
Any of our Directors are able to receive your checks.

What does it cost?
A typical event will serve 40 Warriors. This will require 40 supercars and drivers, and roughly 10-20 additional volunteers (check-in & information staff, lead cars, trailing mechanic, photographers, video, police escorts and venue staff). We plan for 100 people per event. Costs below are estimates, and can vary widely depending on type of event, venue and numerous other factors.

  • Track rental: up to $12,000-15,000 per day (includes ambulance, paramedics, tow truck, & general track staff)
  • Meals: $20-$40/per person, or $2000 to $4000 per event (includes: breakfast and lunch, tax and tip)
  • Meal Venue: $0-$3000 (rent a party/conference venue)
  • Car Rally Vinyl: $50-$100/car (We are lucky to have sponsors who often absorb much of these costs)
  • Goodie Bags: $0-$100per person (planned for future) to thank our drivers and volunteer staff – who currently pay for the majority of each event themselves. Warrior’s never pay anything to participate.
  • Police: $100hour/per officer (Some events will require multiple police escort or traffic control officers)
  • Monthly general costs: $50 (we are very conservative in our expendatures, using donated money almost exclusively on direct event costs, but we still must pay for some items: web hosting, tax and general accountant, event registration & credit card software, business license, etc)
  • General consumables: $100/per event
  • Warrior’s Chariot Directors & Staff Salary: $0 (none of our donations are used to pay salaries or distributions. We are a 100% charitable organization)

We also accept nonmonetary donations:

  • Helmets! (new, used – you got one to give, we want it!)
  • Vinyl printing/cutouts/banners
  • Event meals
  • Promo item creation
  • Gift cards/certificates for goodie bags
  • Food catering / Venue donations
  • Traffic control services

Please contact us to discuss this option: Contact Us

Thank you for supporting Warrior’s Chariot, Inc!