Warriors in Supercars Track Event #1

June 26th, 2018 – Our first track event was held at Flatrock Training Facility (Adams County Sheriff Department’s Training Facility Track). This track event was completely free for our warriors and our drivers, and was made possible by the generous donations of our supporters!

Our own rising YouTube star Aaron Palos, “Life of Palos
Flatrock Training Facility (Adams County Sheriff Department Training Facility)

“I was pulled aside for a moment and was given a challenge coin for what we did yesterday. The warrior who had multiple combat tours, lost numerous friends and was able to retire after 25 years got me choked up that I had to step away. Thank you guys.”
-Rick Douglas, Warriors Chariot Executive Director

This first event proved to be incredibly successful with high praise from our veterans and demonstrated that we needed to continue this project into the future.

If you are interested in helping us put on more events like this, please consider making a donation!

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