AeroAngel “Light Up the Sky” 2021 Fundraiser

On September 21st, Warrior’s Chariot was honored to be asked to bring some supercars out to showcase with the private jets and unique aircraft on the tarmac at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport for AeroAngel’s 2021 “Light Up The Sky” Fundraising Event.

AeroAngel is a unique aviation charity that provides free transportation, primarily to children, traveling to distant, life-saving medical care. There is no other organization in the country providing dedicated flights to children’s hospitals for medically fragile children who cannot safely fly on a commercial airline flight or drive, but who do not need an air ambulance. Our flights are all conducted on business jets flown by a crew of professional pilots. There is no cost to the families we help.” –

Warrior’s Chariot brought 10 cars to showcase at the event, and auctioned off 2 rides at the end of the night to help with the fundraising efforts of this awesome charity organization!

Special thanks to the Warrior’s Chariot folks who came to help out:

Clayton B.Doug C.Tommy S.David B.Robt G.
Ken G.Daunielle C.Jim B.Michelle M.Chad J.