Drive for Us

Want to become a driver for Warrior’s Chariot?

We are making a list of exotic supercar owners who are responsible drivers that want to join us if/when a spot becomes available.


  • Must own an exotic supercar*.
  • You have reviewed the videos and posts on this website and want to participate as a driver.
  • Be willing to donate your passenger seat and time to a Warrior (or multiple Warriors) for the entire duration of an event. Events can last anywhere from 4-10 hours.


  • Warrior’s Chariot events vary in the number of cars that can be used. Not all cars in our active driver database can, or will be contacted to participate in every event. Drivers for each event are contacted based on what will provide our Warriors with the best experience possible.
  • Some events may have a fee for our drivers. Our “Warrior” passengers will never pay anything to participate in a Warrior’s Chariot event, and our drivers are often the ones paying for them.
  • Optional: Some of our drivers may also be asked to help with other smaller events like granting “Make-a-Wish” or putting their car on display at a fundraiser for one of the local charities that we support.

Submitting this form will add your contact information to our driver database waiting list. One of our directors may contact you to get further information if needed.

*Supercar is often defined differently by different people. Warrior’s Chariot strives to provide some of the most exclusive ‘exotic supercar’ experiences that we can. We are looking for cars that are very rare to see when out driving on a normal day. Here a just a few of the things that could identify a supercar:
Doors go up? Top speed over 200mph? So rare or exotic it is almost never seen driving on the streets? (Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Audi R8, Aston Martin, Porsche GTxRS models, Rolls Royce, etc.) If so, please fill out the form above!