Warrior’s Chariot Rally, September 2019

On September 28, 2019, Warrior’s Chariot, Inc. held our first organized supercar rally! 35 generous supercar owners donated their time, money and co-pilot seat to our veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project.

Starting at the famed Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, we headed west into the Colorado mountains just as the leaves of the aspen trees were turning into their fall colors. We stopped in Divide to take some photos of the scenery and allow our Warriors to switch to their next supercar.

Next, we headed south toward the famous town of Cripple Creek where we picked up a full police escort into town. The town of Cripple Creek was having its annual Aspen Happenin’ Fall Festival. With the police leading our pack, we drove right up the center of the main street, stopping in front of the main stage for a Hero’s welcome playing of the Star-Spangled Banner on the electric guitar, as the fair patrons looked on with excitement.

A short jaunt to the Wildwood Casino provided secured underground parking while the Warriors, drivers, and volunteers went up to have lunch inside at Woody’s. Next, after warriors switched to their 3rd supercar, we got the full police escort from the Casino garage to the outskirts of town, heading west and back north through more of Colorado’s beautiful aspen-lined twisty roads!

Once again we stopped in Divide, and Warriors switched to their 4th supercar of the day to make our way back to our starting location at the Broadmoor Hotel.

Thank you to our vets for our freedom and for joining us on this beautiful day!

Thank you to the Owner/Drivers who donated their time and co-pilot seat to give insane rides in insane cars!

Doug A.
Nizette A.
Jim B.
Ros B.
Aaron P.
Mike P.
Ryan S.
Chad J.
Fred K.
Doug C.
J.R. P.
Chris H.
Andrew H.
Jerry M.
Dan K.
Rich B.
Tommy S.
Pete R.
Steve T.
Tyler R.
Burton H.
Cesar G.
Kenny B.
Joe M.
Justin Y.
Jenni Y.
Angela F.
Jon S.
Dan M.
Josh K.
Doug K.
Jeff B.
Mike Ward Drivers

Thank you to our volunteers who worked hard behind-the-scenes to make sure the rally ran smooth
Jennifer J.
Daunielle C.
Aaron L.

Special thanks to:
McLaren Denver, Mike Ward Automotive
Shaus Motorsport
City of Cripple Creek, and the Cripple Creek Police Department,
Wildwood Casino,
The Broadmoor Hotel,
Drive Coffee

In closing, we had a couple of very generous donations to help our cause: Huge thanks to Randy Tillim @ Savage Garage (check them out!) and Bill W. (Retired military and Nascar pit crew).

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